Sunday Services

We meet all together every Sunday apart from the first Sunday of the month when we meet in smaller groups across the city or enjoy a day of rest. We want to be a home for people and we see Sundays in part as our front door – where anyone can come in, meet us and get a feel for who we are and what we do. You’d be really welcome to come along!

Our Sunday Pattern

At Oasis we’re a diverse community, and so we like to do something different each week. Our Sunday pattern consists of three different types of Sundays so there’s something to suit everyone. Scroll down to find out more about each Sunday, or click on the button below to find out what’s happening over the next few weeks.

On Community Sundays we don’t meet all together in our church building. Instead we enjoy a day of rest or meet in smaller groups across the city, spending time with one another and within our local community. Gatherings are sometimes organised by people within the church and advertised through our weekly email newsletter ‘Community News’. You can sign up for that here – scroll down to the connect section. If you’re visiting us or coming along for the first time, we’d recommend you coming along to a Learning Sunday or a Sofa Sunday.

On Learning Sundays we meet all together at Oasis Church Bath. You can join us any time from 10am for coffee, the service begins at 10.30am and is finished by 11.30am. We enjoy some worship together, then someone gives a short talk on a particular topic, giving us the chance to respond and work out how we can apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives. We have separate groups for our children and young people, and the main services are also live streamed for anyone who wants to join us online. You can sign up for the live stream by clicking on the link in the relevant week here.

On Sofa Sundays we meet all together at Oasis Church Bath. We have a stage with a sofa on it, and someone on that sofa is interviewed or shares a story, experience, or area of expertise on a particular topic, while we enjoy coffee and pastries together. We also have ‘Oasis PlaySpace’ on Sundays for children who don’t want to stay in the main service, but there is no group for young people aged 11+ on Sofa Sundays. We also record the content and release it as a podcast, which eventually ends up here.


To find out what’s happening on Sundays over the next few weeks, click on the button below.