Get Involved

How do I get involved?

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining us, that’s great. Here’s how we recommend you do it.


Come Along

Come and see what we do on Sundays at Oasis Church Bath, where we will give you a warm welcome.

We are happy to talk with you about any questions you have.

If you have felt an outsider elsewhere, we hope you will feel accepted and at home among us.

The banners we often have up at the front of the church say “Come as you are” and we mean it!


Newcomers' Meal

A great way to get to know people is to sit down together and share food. We periodically invite anyone who’s new to come and eat with us and we’re always looking to extend the table of welcome. We’d love to get the chance to welcome you in person, and talk about our story, and the Oasis ethos and vision. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other newcomers. If you’d like to attend a Newcomers meal or found out a bit more about what it involves, email us at 

We also run an occasional Newcomers Micro Hub, which is a small group that meets together over the course of six sessions to explore the Oasis values and ethos. Have a look at our Micro Hubs page to see if there’s one currently running. 

Join Us!

We encourage all those who are part of us to join one of our hub or Sunday teams and to give financially on a regular basis. We would love to have you on board with us, committed to bringing love, life and hope through our community to the city of Bath. Your unique gifts and talents blended with those of so many others for the common good can produce something really special. That’s church.

If you want to go all-in, sign up to be a church member who we can rely on to be there to keep us going and growing. To find out more have a look at our welcome leaflet about Church Membership, which you can find on our welcome leaflet rack in our church building. If you’d prefer us to send it to you by email let us know by emailing