Oasis Pantry

Oasis Pantry is one of a growing number of community pantries opening in Bath, supplying low cost, high quality food each week to local residents.  We’re partnering with Fareshare Southwest, who match up surplus, in-date food with individuals and families on low incomes.  

Our Pantry is open every Thursday from 1.30pm-3.30pm in the ground floor of Oasis Church Bath.  If you live or work within approximately a 15 minute walk of Oasis, or if Oasis is your closest Pantry, and your household income is less than £18,000 a year, then we’d love to invite you to become a member.  All are welcome, and we particularly would like to encourage those who are lone parents or families, who are long term unemployed, from refugees / asylum seekers and immigrants, and anyone working with a support serviceeg. Social workers. 

What you need to do…

You need to fill in our self-referral form which you can find at the bottom of this page. If you’re a professional working with someone who is interested in the pantry you can also fill in this form on their behalf. If you need some help filling it in we can do it for you over the phone, just let us know by emailing pantry@oasisbath.org, or calling or texting us on 07984014704. When we receive your completed form we’ll then be in touch to confirm your place. 

How much it costs…

There’s an annual membership fee of £5, and on your first visit we’ll supply a cool bag and tote bag for your purchases.  Please remember to bring these with you each week.  We’ll also have spare chiller bags for you to buy if you forget.  This £5 fee will include the cost of your first week’s food. 

We need to know that you have a working fridge at home, and that you will transport the food home in the cool bag then store it safely in the fridge. 

Where there is government advice in place in relation to Covid-19 we ask that you follow this, eg. by wearing a facemask unless you have a recognised medical exemptin, maintaining social distancing and providing contact details. 

What you can expect…

Our friendly volunteers look forward to welcoming you!

There will be a selection of fresh, chilled and store cupboard food and toiletries available each week for you to select from. 

Individual membership is suitable for people on their own, or couples, and typically you will be able to choose around 6 to 8 different items for only £2.  These items would cost around £10-£15 to buy elsewhere.  Family membership costs a little more, at £3 each week, and for that you can select approximately 10-12 items, with a value of up to around £25.  

You’ll be able to pay by cash, debit or credit card, or by text.  If you’re not able to come as planned, you can nominate 2 other people, over 16, who can collect and pay for food on your behalf. 

We’re planning to offer tea and coffee too, so that you can stay for a chat, although that will depend each week on the guidance in place around Covid-19.  We’d love to know what other services you’d find useful, and if we can well look to provide access to those. 

If there’s more that you’d like to know then please email us pantry@oasisbath.org or call on 07984 014704. 

Volunteering with us 

If you would like to volunteer with Oasis Pantry then we’d love you to get in touch!  We need volunteers to help us pack away the FareShare delivery and set up each week, as well as people to help our members when we’re open. Just get in touch with us at pantry@oasisbath.org

Self-Referral Form

**Please note that due to additional Covid safety measures during the current lockdown you will be allocated a 15 minute time slot to attend the Pantry. This is to minimise the total time people are in the building, and to make sure any waiting time is minimal. Please wait to hear back from us with a timed slot before attending the Pantry**