Kinship Carers’ Support Group

We run a Kinship Carers’ Support Group with help from BANES Family Placement Team.

Kinship care is ‘when a child lives full-time or most of the time with a relative or friend who isn’t their parent, usually because their parents aren’t able to care for them’. (source: Grandparents plus). There are around 200,000 children in the UK living in kinship care, and approximately 100 kinship carers in BANES.

Research shows that around half of children (52%) are in kinship care as a result of parental drug or alcohol misuse, although other reasons include bereavement, imprisonment, parental abuse or neglect and parental ill health. Almost half of children in kinship care have some kind of special needs (49%), most commonly emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Despite these complex needs kinship carers often don’t receive the same level of support as foster carers, so our monthly support group provides an important service and enables kinship carers to access vital peer support, as well as being able to talk with social care and be signposted to relevant support and resources.

If you’d like to attend the kinship carers group please email us at