Welcome to our resources page! This is where you’ll find documents and useful information related to Oasis Church Bath. The page is split into the following sections:

  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Sundays
  3. Pastoral Care
  4. Governance and Church Membership
  5. Communication
  6. Training

1)…Policies and Procedures
Child Safeguarding Policy 2023-24
Adults at Risk Policy 2022-2023
Oasis Church Bath Volunteer Safeguarding Film

Service Plan Template
Sunday Morning Host Script

3)…Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care Model
Oasis Church Bath Confidentiality Policy

4)…Governance and Church Membership
Church Steering Group Terms of Reference
Hub Development Group Terms of Reference
Trustees Terms of Reference
Governance Structure Diagram 2024

Oasis Bath Impact Report 2022

Oasis Safeguarding Training for Church Volunteers
Oasis Kids Training: An Introduction to Neurodiversity
Hospitality Team Training 2023
Dealing with Conflict Training