NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing church a little differently. We’re joining the weekly Oasis Global Gathering on Oasis Waterloo’s Facebook Page every Sunday morning at 11am. Meanwhile, we are also producing podcasts within the theme of Being Human, you can find those on our talks page by clicking here.

We normally meet at Oasis Church Bath on Sundays in the following pattern:

  • First Sunday of the month: 4:30pm Communion Sunday – an informal gathering where we share food together and take part in a simple act of communion.
  • Second, Third (and Fourth) Sundays: 10:30 service with groups for under 18s.
  • Last Sunday of the month: 10:30 all-age service.

Please see below for details of what’s happening from week to week…

We’re currently in the middle of a teaching series called ‘Being Human…’
Very often as Christians we’re subtly led to believe that being human is bad, that our ‘flesh’ is weak and we need to become less human and more divine. This can lead to a disconnect between our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. We want to look at this topic and explore lots of different aspects of what it means to be human, from self-awareness and handling our emotions to health, calling and even death. How can we fully flourish as human beings and make the best of the lives we live in the bodies we have? How can we move on from old issues and hurts and become the best versions of ourselves? Check out the topics we’ve covered so far on our talks page.