Right from the beginning of Christianity, groups of Christians have met together and called themselves the ‘church’. At Oasis Church Bath we believe that as a community of people aiming to follow Jesus, it’s important we continue to meet together to worship God, grow in our journey of faith and support one another. We meet all together on Sundays, but we also have smaller group gatherings during the week called Micro Hubs (for more info on Micro Hubs¬†click here) as well as other events and meetings. We want to be a home for people and we see Sundays in part as our front door – where anyone can come in, meet us and get a feel for who we are and what we do. You’d be really welcome to come along! Have a look below to find out what we do each Sunday, and scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to find out what we’re up to over the next few weeks.¬†

Our Sunday Pattern…

The first Sunday of every month: Community Sundays

The second, third (and fourth on a five Sunday month) Sunday of every month: Learning Sundays

The last Sunday of every month: Sofa Sundays


   Community Sundays 

On Community Sundays we don’t meet all together in our church building. Instead we meet in smaller groups all across the city to spend time with one another and within our local community. Gatherings are organised by our Church WhatsApp groups, which you’ll be invited to join once you’ve decided to become a regular part of Oasis Church Bath. If you’re visiting us or coming along for the first time, we’d recommend you coming along to a Learning Sunday or a Sofa Sunday – see below. 

   Learning Sundays (10.30am start, coffee from 10am)

On Learning Sundays we meet all together at Oasis Church Bath. You can join us any time from 10am for coffee, the service begins at 10.30am and is finished by 11.30am. We enjoy some worship together, then someone gives a short talk on a particular topic, giving us the chance to respond and work out how we can apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives. We have separate groups for our children and young people, and the main services are also live streamed for anyone who wants to join us online. 

  Sofa Sundays (10.30am start, open from 10am)

On Sofa Sundays we meet all together at Oasis Church Bath. On Sofa Sunday we have a stage with a sofa on it, and someone on that sofa is interviewed or shares a story, experience, or area of expertise on a particular topic, while we enjoy coffee and pastries together. We don’t have separate groups for children and young people on this Sunday but we hope that older children and young people can join in. We also record the content and release it as a podcast. 

If there’s a reason why you can’t join us in person, you’re really welcome to sign up to receive the link to our live stream, which means you can watch our Learning Sundays from home. To do that just go to our calendar, click on the service you’d like to virtually attend and you can enter your details to be sent the link. 

You can catch up on some of our previous Sunday talks by clicking here.

Coming Up…

Sunday 3rd October: Community Sunday
On Community Sundays we meet in smaller groups all across the city which are organised by our church WhatsApp groups. If you’re new to Oasis we’d recommend you come along to one of our other Sunday gatherings instead, and if you decide to become a regular part of our community we’ll add you to a WhatsApp group when you’re ready. 

Sunday 10th October: Learning Sunday, ‘What if….the rich didn’t have to get richer?’, Open from 10am, starting at 10.30am
Jesus’ words were often challenging and sometimes confusing! In Mark 4:23-34, he appears to suggest that the rich will get richer – is he simply being realistic? Or even suggesting that this is a good thing? Rob Trickey continues our ‘What If?’ series by helping us to understand that living differently applies to our understanding of wealth and economics, as well as other aspects of life. To sign up to watch the livestream click here.

Sunday 17th October: Learning Sunday, ‘What if…the last are first?’, Open from 10am, starting at 10.30am
Like most of us, Jesus’ disciples were concerned with status and position. In Mark 10:13 – 45 Jesus addresses this obsession, using a child as a symbol, not of innocence but of powerlessness. Embracing the kingdom of God means letting go of our desire for status. In doing so we discover true greatness. Elizabeth Bavin helps us discover what true greatness might look like, and how good leadership involves humility. To sign up to watch the livestream click here.

Sunday 24th October: Learning Sunday, ‘What if…there’s a place for everyone?’, Open from 10am, starting at 10.30am
The word ‘sinner’ was used freely by different religious groups at the time of Jesus to label those who were not part of their group. Jesus frequently attacked this ‘us and them’ mentality – the kingdom of God has open borders! Jo Dolby explores some of the amazing stories of radical inclusion in Mark’s gospel. To sign up to watch the livestream click here

Sunday 31st October: Sofa Sunday, Interview with Alice Herve from Bath Welcomes Refugees, Open from 10am, starting at 10.30am
Alice Herve from Bath Welcomes Refugees joins us for our next Sofa Sunday. Alice will be sharing a bit about the work of Bath Welcomes Refugees, and helping us consider how we might respond to the current refugee crisis. We will consider our responsibility as Christians to welcome refugees, and Alice will be able to answer any questions people might have.