Our Story

Hay Hill Baptist Church has been in Bath since 1869 and we made a big move in August 2018 by becoming a church-led Oasis Community Hub. We are proud to now be Oasis Church Bath, and Oasis Hub Bath! This means we’re both a church and a charity.

We are open and inclusive, flexible, creative and willing to experiment. We have recognised that the love of God is inclusive and incarnational. We try to welcome any who want to join us, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, disability, or anything else. We know we have a long way to go, but our aim is for radical inclusion. We do our best to avoid traditional church jargon and talk about the bible and our faith in language that is as normal as possible.

We are motivated by engagement with the real world, e.g. addressing poverty, protecting the environment, running businesses, discussing ethics. We regard real and practical outworkings of love for people and planet as being absolutely central to following Jesus, not peripheral. Our focus on poverty inspired people in the church to set up a Make Lunch franchise, feeding hungry kids at fun holiday clubs. From this we have developed many other community projects including a food pantry and Kinship Carers Support Group.

We have members with a range of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs, and regard this as a strength of the church that these can be allowed to coexist. However, as a leadership, we are moving towards a progressive theology and want to pass on to the next generation a much better way of understanding what the bible is and what it says than the way we inherited. We actively value questioning and discussion of any and every aspect of faith and how it applies to our lives today.

We have pursued joining with Oasis due to a desire to do church differently and a recognition of values that match our own and initiatives that are just what we want to be doing in Bath. What we are aiming for is a totally integrated and well-balanced model of church that has a worshipping community at its core, is welcoming to all, and looks outward to take action.