Oasis Bath is led by a team, or to be more accurate several overlapping teams. Trustees are appointed by the membership of the church to provide oversight to all of the Hub’s activities and hold legal responsibility. A Hub Leader employed by Oasis Community Partnerships on behalf of the Bath Hub works with steering groups providing day-to-day leadership. These steering groups are appointed by the Trustees.

Trustees: Stephen Natt (Chair), Rob Trickey, Ben Senneck, Dave Vernalls (Treasurer).

The Church Steering Group provides spiritual direction, strategic oversight and practical support, all of which enable the wider church community to fulfil the vision and calling of Oasis Church Bath.  

Church Steering Group: Jo Dolby, Claire Shelswell, Stephen Henwood, Rob Trickey.

The Hub Steering Group is an advisory board with the purpose of providing support, advice, guidance and specialist expertise to the Hub Leader and wider Hub team (staff and volunteers), in relation to the community work delivered by Oasis Hub Bath.

Hub Steering Group: Jo Dolby, Jo Rich, Lea Lawton, Sara Reynolds.

We also have other sub-groups which look after other aspects of our community work and church life, such as our Building Task Group and the Make Lunch Steering Group.